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I have a wealth of headshot wardrobe tips to help you select the proper clothing for your Acting or Business/Corporate headshots:

  • First impressions are crucial, so think carefully about your hair, makeup, and overall look. You want to present yourself as you would when auditioning for a role.
  • While you can’t slim down in 24 hours, you can make yourself appear thinner by choosing your clothing strategically. For example, avoid pleated pants, as they can add up to 10 pounds to your frame by making your hips look larger. Instead, opt for monochromatic outfits, especially in dark tones, which elongate your look and complement your skin tones.
  • Wearing clothing that fits properly is key. Tight clothes can make you look heavier, while baggy ones can make it seem like you’re trying to hide something. Ideally, everything should fit just right to create the illusion of thinness.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring a variety of clothing options to your session. When in doubt, bring it all, and I can help you decide what will work best. Keep in mind that what looks good in person may not necessarily look good on camera, so trust my expertise as a fashion stylist.
  • For commercial headshots, bright colors tend to work best. Avoid pastels, large prints, stripes, or patterns, unless they are monochromatic. Avoid any clothing with text on it.
  • Certain styles of clothing can be unflattering on camera. For example, boat necks can make you look boxy, while V-necks are more flattering for women. Avoid seasonal looks and too many accessories, like oversized earrings or bulky watches. Remember, you want your personality and eyes to be the focus, not your clothing.
  • Keep in mind that Casting Directors have specific ideas about how characters should look and dress. Don’t try to guess what they want, and instead, keep your clothing simple and classic.
  • Discuss your wardrobe options with your agent or manager before the shoot. If you have specific ideas or questions, feel free to ask me as well.
  • Finally, remember that less is more, especially unless you are doing a fashion or publicity shoot. Keep the focus on you and your unique qualities rather than on your clothing.
  • Don’t get a haircut the week of your photo shoot unless you completely trust your regular hairstylist.
  • Please bring at least four different outfits complete with proper shoes, jackets, undergarments, and accessories.
  • This way, we have lots of options. To keep you looking great, I’ll choose the best outfits for each look.

I always shoot until I feel I have captured what is needed for a specific look before moving on to another wardrobe change.

Follow these Headshot Wardrobe Tips, and you’ll be ready to have a fantastic session!

*Don’t forget to read the PRE-SHOOT TIPS page.



  • If you want multiple looks from your photo shoot, arrive unshaven.
  • Bring shaving supplies and a face towel, so you can shave midway through your session.
  • Bring your favorite hair products, but don’t apply them until you discuss your desired looks with me.
  • If you have thinning hair, consider getting a haircut to instantly make you look younger.
  • For balding or fine hair, remember that less is more. Gravity causes longer hair strands to lie closer to the scalp, which exposes more skin on the top of your head. By getting your hair cut shorter and more layered, you can create an optical illusion that hides the scalp.
  • To make your hair look fuller, you can add beer or use volumizing shampoos. A light lager can work well, as the yeast clings to each strand, making hair appear fuller.



  • It is a good idea to bring your own mascara to the shoot. I always use disposable applicators to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Dark hair roots will look even darker in photos, so refresh them a few days before the shoot. If you trim your hair, do it with enough time so your hair can settle down before the shoot.
  • Have your eyebrows professionally done if you can’t do it yourself, at least one week prior to your session. I may fine-tune them when you arrive, but I will not reshape them.
  • Fingernails and toenails should be well-manicured, and the polish should look natural. Please avoid a French manicure, as the tips can be too white and distracting on camera. Remember, you want your eyes and face to be the focal point, not your white nail tips.
  • If you are having your makeup professionally done by me, please arrive with a fresh face. When doing your own makeup or having it done by someone else, please come makeup-ready. Bring your favorite brand of makeup to the photo shoot.
  • Don’t over-condition your hair before a shoot. Your hair must be dry before you arrive at the shoot. Leave-in conditioner can make hair very unmanageable, so don’t use it on the day of the shoot.
  • Use Vaseline before bed and in the morning of your shoot to avoid dry lips.
  • Finally, avoid tan lines.

  • Ties are tricky things, so bring a bunch to choose from if you plan on shooting a business look with a tie. They are not mandatory for a business look.
  • If you want several looks from your sessions, arrive unshaven.
  • Bring shaving supplies and a face towel.
  • You will be able to shave midway through your session.





  • Remember to bring a varied selection of bras. The bras with the clear plastic strap are very convenient to wear in photo shoots.
  • Ladies, be careful with very short-sleeved blouses. They tend to make your arms appear very big. Guys, on the other hand, would want this effect, not you.
  • Unfortunately, many tops are made that way nowadays, don’t do it if you are going to be photographed. Am I making this point clear? Good.

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